Empowering the Next Generation 

Our initiative is designed and delivered by young professionals, with the support of senior professionals, in order tocreate a learning environment where participants are inspired and empowered to become change-makers and future industry leaders. We believe that the next generation brings passion, the latest knowledge and perspectives, and our initiative focuses on bringing their voices to global decision events so that they can shape the future they will inherit

Collaboration for a better future

Our initiative brings together university, industry, governmental, and organisational partners from around the world to co-design and co-run a comprehensive program that empowers students, entrepreneurs, and influencers to build strong partnerships and co-create solutions that can have a positive impact. The initiative is managed by DTU Skylab, with support from DTU Sustain and other partners, and focuses on providing participants with the competencies and opportunities they need to build partnerships across sectors and borders. By co-creating and co-running the initiative, we aim to maximize the value and impact of the participants’ stay and showcase the power of collaboration to create a better future. 

Creating Ideas that work for the real world 

Our initiative is designed to take action on some of the leading challenges of today, partnering with global congresses and leading university and industry partners to make an impact on the status quo and the next generation of professionals and leaders. We encourage participants to challenge the status quo, experiment, take risks, and be creative while still focusing on practical and actionable solutions. By doing so, we aim to create ideas that are grounded in reality andhave a strong chance of being successfully implemented, in order to make a positive impact on the world. 

Innovating for a better tomorrow 

Our initiative is focused on sustainability, in line with DTU’s commitment to developing technology, knowledge, and partnerships that help society use the world’s resources sustainably. We adopt a balanced approach to sustainability, taking into account its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, and prioritize long-term impacts and sustainability in our ideas and solutions. By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to generate innovative solutions that not only foster a culture of innovation, but also prioritize the well-being of the planet and its people

Developing solutions that leave no one behind 

Our initiative is designed to be inclusive and open to all, recruiting a diverse representation of young people from around the world through university alliances and congress partners. We prioritize the inclusion of youth from developing economies, who often have valuable and needed ideas for change that are often excluded from such platforms. Our hybrid program is adapted and facilitated to prioritize inclusivity and open collaboration across participants and external partners, building on the principles of open innovation and universal design. We expect our participants to develop solutions that benefit as many people as possible and do not exclude anyone, in order to create a more inclusive and equitableworld. 

Empowering youth for lasting impact

Our initiative goes beyond the associated congress, involving youth in the months leading up to the event and providing them with the skills and opportunities they need to make a meaningful contribution. We design our program in collaboration with the congress to extend its scope and involve additional relevant stakeholders, creating a holistic engagement with the thematic and industry focus of the congress. By building a strong youth community around the event, we aim to enable lasting and meaningful experiences for the participants, enabling them to grow professionally and personally, and to become strong local and global ambassadors for change