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The Next Generation [ ] Action is a flagship initiative at DTU Skylab, the innovation hub at the Technical University of Denmark, created in partnership with DTU Sustain and DTU Compute. 

DTU Skylab 

The Innovation Hub at DTU 

 At DTU Skylab, the convergence of technologies and talent from different fields, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, creates a unique culture of learning and innovation for everyone involved in our community. 

DTU Skylab is located at the main DTU Campus in Lyngby and is housed in a facility of 5500 square meters, complete with labs, workshops, auditoriums, open spaces and project rooms. We are a cross-disciplinary learning environment used by various institutes at DTU, and we also offer soft funding, business acceleration, prototyping and a space to grow for deep tech start-ups and pre start-up projects. DTU Skylab also host many extra-curricular events and programmes initiated by our staff and wider community. 

DTU Sustain 

Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering 

DTU Sustain is one of the largest university departments in Europe specializing in Environmental and Resource technology. The department conducts research, development, and research-based consulting and provides educational programs and services to the society. We work to develop new environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, methods, and solutions, as well as to disseminate knowledge to the society and new generations of engineers. 
The department’s academic breadth and multidisciplinary approach to finding solutions to complex environmental issues is reflected in the professional profile of the scientific personnel. DTU Sustain thus occupies both engineers, chemists, biologists, geologists, and physicists, who collaborate with a wide range of Danish and international partners.

DTU Compute 

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark. 

DTU Compute is Denmark’s largest environment for mathematics and computer science and consists of 10 research sections. DTU Compute embraces both the deep theory and the practical applications. It enables us to pass on new ideas to innovative products for the benefit of business and public institutions. 

”We take problems and challenges from other disciplines and lift them into a virtual world where we can make models, calculations and simulations. The results of this work we can lead back to the real world and thus solve a wide range of problems.” 

Technology Leaving No One Behind 

To support our focus on social sustainability and inclusion, we partner with the DTU Skylab flagship initiative, Technology Leaving No One Behind, to guide the design and execution of our program. We believe that by working together, we can create the right environment, that will enable our participants to design truly inclusive and innovative solutions for more sustainable cities of the future. 

Logo: Technology Leaving No One Behind.