Next Generation [ ] Action

A global initiative enabling youth-led ideas, perspectives and action toward Sustainable Futures – Leaving No One Behind

NG[ ]A involves young students, academics and entrepreneurs in an innovation journey, bringing/accelerating their ideas and into the global discussion around sustainable and inclusive future, in partnership with global congresses and summits.


Next Generation Digital Action pre-signup

The 2024 edition of the Next Generation [ ] Action initiative will run in the second half of 2024, with signups in the spring. The Young Academics challenges will be published on 31st of March. You can pre-signup to get updates about the 2024 initiative.

Impact and Reach


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* 2018-2023

Next Generation City Action 2023 Evaluation Booklet

The Next Generation City Action 2023 involved 129 students, young researchers and early-stage entrepreneurs from Korea, India, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Denmark, Colombia and Mexico in a global innovation journey. Read about the innovation journey and outcomes in our evaluation booklet.

Inviting for partnerships 

Success and impact is achieved through strong partnerships with individuals and organisations across, academia, government, NGO’s, industry and foundations. The 2024 Next Generation Digital Action is created in partnership with the Digital Tech Summit Copenhagen 2024.  

Digital Tech Summit.

Digital Tech Summit 2024 

Øksnehallen, Copenhagen  
30-31st October 2024