About Next Generation
[ ] Action

A global initiative enabling youth-led ideas, perspectives and action toward Sustainable Futures – Leaving No One Behind 

Next Generation [ ] Action is

an initiative that at it’s core, revolves around youth involvement in the sustainability agenda. Each year, Next Generation formulates a different theme, a field of action, where Denmark takes part as a venue for global decision-makers. By engaging young academics and entrepreneurs with global decision-makers, through intergenerational dialogues, collaborating and co-creating solutions to sustainability challenges, we provide a platform to inspire current leaders and empower future leaders.

Next Generation [ ] Action
involves youth

by collaborating with a large sustainability-focused congress or summit hosted in Copenhagen to offer two distinct tracks, the Young Academics Track and the Young Entrepreneurs Track.

Young Academics Track

The Young Academic Track focuses on challenge-based learning, where university students from partnering countries work in teams to develop their ideas and solutions to a sustainability challenge brought forward by global partners. The students are engaged in a hybrid innovation course, where bootcamps, keynotes and mentoring guide them from challenge to solution. The students are then invited to bring their solutions and perspectives into the congress or summit, to exhibit, pitch and engage in the global dialogue for a sustainable future leaving no one behind.

Young Entrepreneurs Track

The Young Entrepreneurs Track focuses on accelerating early-stage technology startups into the global sustainability dialogue, giving them a platform to share their ideas and promote their startup through exhibitions and pitching. The entrepreneurs are prepared through a series of bootcamps, keynotes and mentor sessions focused on building global partnerships, preparing a congress strategy and inclusion/universal design.

How to Get Involved

Students and Startups

The 2024 version of the Next Generation
[ ] Action initiative will run in the second half of 2024, with signups already closed. You can pre-signup to get updates about the 2025 initiative.


The initiative is powered by various collaborations across, academia, government, NGO’s, industry and foundations. We are searching for sponsors, challenge partners and collaborators. If you are interested in hearing more about the possibility of collaboration, please contact us.